Hey! I’m Calandra!

I help visionary women stand out with confidence in the online space with branding + design.

I love to support creative entrepreneurs with visual design that attracts their ideal clients and I love to teach them how to fully embody their personal brand.

I started my entrepreneurial journey in network marketing as a health coach before my son was born. Shortly after having Connor I decided maternity leave wasn’t going to cut it (how can we expect moms to return to work after just a few short months?). I wanted to be a full time mom while also making a full time income, so I left my fears behind me and started coaching women on a similar path. 

My first year as an online entrepreneur consisted of failing forward, doing the deep inner work necessary to build my confidence, and getting crystal clear on my purpose. It was messy, it was imperfect, and it required the kind of resilience that only entrepreneurs truly understand. 

I have since created a live-able, full time income pursuing all of passion projects including: supporting women through coaching, designing gorgeous graphics for my dream clients, rescuing dogs & sharing my knowledge and expertise. I created my dream life starting from ground zero (with my sweet baby boy in his kangaroo pouch, stealing the show in all of my live videos).

My mission now is to help hundreds of women amplify their purpose driven businesses, too.  


Gorgeous website design packages for the female entrepreneur looking for a simple solution to showing up professionally online.


You’re ready to take your business from hobby to real deal, with a brand (and website) that grabs attention and looks professional!


For the entrepreneur who needs someone as her right hand woman to take over the graphic design in her business.

You’ll have me every month to help you attract your dream clients and radiate everything your business has to offer!

Craving to have a home-base for all of your business magic?

Your website doesn’t have to be stale or boring. In fact, it should be the thing that you feel wildly confident in sharing. 

Together we’ll create a website that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. It’s time to fully represent your badass business! 


Feel confident in how your brand is represented on your website!

You will have full access to future editing of your site (with a guided video tutorial) using the Divi theme builder installed on your WordPress site. I use this builder to help my clients feel empowered in growing their site once the foundation is created. Your Squarespace site will also be easy to manage & update. It’s my goal to take the headache out of the process for you!



(excludes your annual site and domain investment)

• 4 fully designed pages

• Video tutorial for maintenance



(excludes your annual site and domain investment)

• 6 fully designed pages

• Video tutorial for maintenance



(excludes your annual site and domain investment)

• 8 fully designed pages

• Video tutorial for maintenance

CANNOT recommend Calandra enough – DO NOT DIY the things you’re not good at – you will save time, energy, AND money (and get better clients, because your stuff will look GOOD) by just HIRING her in the beginning. Take my word for it.”
— Britt Bolnick, In Arms Coaching

Let’s Create Your MAGICAL Brand!


You want a brand that represents the badass business you’ve been trying to share with the world.

You see other women looking like shiny unicorns but for some reason you can’t seem to stay consistent with how you’re seen online…

You’re ready to take your business from a hobby to real deal, with a brand that grabs attention and looks professional!

If this is you, let’s see if we’d be a good fit to work together. Are you ready for a brand overhaul?

It’s time to have a brand, and business you LOVE!



With This Experience You Will Walk Away With…

cohesive collection of graphics and an eye catching website to represent your badass business. This will give you the ability to connect with your audience and grow your clientele on a larger level.

What if you ATTRACTED your dream clients?

What if your brand did 90% of the work FOR you? 

It will be your responsibility to communicate your desires clearly, to be honest in giving feedback and to respect the boundaries of revision work.

You’ll need to provide invest in your annual site payment, and provide the copy for your website along with any (professional) photos you’d like to use.

In addition to our connection calls we’ll communicate via email & Voxer during this process. 

Your Investment: $3,300 paid in full or three $1,110 installments.

I’ll be supporting you every step of the way!

I just want to take a moment here and just say what a spectacular experience I’m having with Calandra Martin!

I bought her all-inclusive branding package where she’s currently in the process of branding my social media imagery and web site.

Let me just say, it is such a relief having someone outside of myself look at the content I’ve been putting out there for months and see the over-arching theme!

She has been remarkable at taking an intangible concept in my mind and showing me what it looks like visually, and even from my perspective, she’s able to capture the nuances of my personality into my brand as well! It’s been a fabulous run of an experience and I look forward to continuing our work together.”
— -Rose Marie James, Soul Mentor

It’s time for you to stand OUT.

There’s so much noise in the online space, and the truth is that you have a matter of seconds to grab your dream client’s attention. Seconds.

That’s where I come in to help you.

My brilliance is helping purpose driven women lay the foundation of their visual brand.

Cohesive visuals,
a professional website,
your very own visual brand guidelines.


Together we’re going to move you from: 

overlooked entrepreneur 


magnetizing boss lady.

I know you’re craving this. You’re established and you’re ready to show UP. So get connected sister, and lock in your spot for us to do this!

Is Design Work Draining Your Time & Energy?


Have peace of mind that you can share your business with ease and get supported by a designer who knows your business inside and out, at a really delicious rate.

 Ditch the overwhelm.

Spend more time with your family.

Focus on the parts of your business you really love.


I want you to have support you can rely on.

It’s time for you to have a team that keeps your business thriving.

I know you’re craving to spend more time away from your screen.

You’ve been on the edge of outsourcing for a while - it’s time to take shit off your plate.

How much time do you spend on “creating” in your business, outside of your area of expertise?

You launch a new program or dream up a workshop. You spend countless hours making it “look” pretty.

Yet you still aren’t totally in love with it…

You have new packages for your clients but,

your website is still outdated with your stuff from two years ago.

It gives you a headache just thinking about it.

You have this life changing program...but your audience doesn’t see the magic.

What if you had a right-hand woman who knows your business inside & out?

What if you had a wizard in your back pocket who could whip your ideas into something jaw dropping and captivating?

I’ve created the simple solution for you if you’re nodding your head and saying “holy shit that’s me. I NEED this”!

Hand over your design woes,

dust your hands off,

and focus on the parts of your business you actually LOVE.

This is an opportunity to create a long-lasting relationship with a woman who GETS you and your business, without ever having to worry if you have time. I’m here to help you get a move on with the important stuff, like binging on that new Netflix series.


$300 per month ($135 in savings!)

This package is for the entrepreneur who is showing up consistently on social media, has editorial planning in place, and needs basic design support in her business. You’ll have me as your righthand woman to take 3 hours each month off of your plate.

  • 15-20 social media graphics,

  • 2 print materials

    Read the FAQs below for the details on what exactly we can accomplish together.


$475 per month ($250 in savings!)

This package is for the entrepreneur who is releasing juicy offers regularly, has tons of value to share, and needs consistency across the board in her business. You’ll gain 5 extra hours of your life back each month.

• 10-15 social media graphics

• 2-5 print materials

• 1 PDF or e-book

• 1 web page

Read the FAQs below for the details on what exactly we can accomplish together.


$800 per month ($650 in savings, no joke!)

This package is for the high level entrepreneur who is growing rapidly, has inspiration at the speed of lightening, and needs all of the support she can get. You’ll be ready to hit “offline” on the regular with 10 more hours to do whatever the hell you want.

• 10-15 social media graphics

• 1-2 web pages

• 2-3 PDFs or e-books

• 2-5 print materials

Read the FAQs below for the details on what exactly we can accomplish together.



What can I choose to have you design with each package?

The sky is the limit - you decide what your top priorities are each month, and I will keep track of what you have available in your retainer. I’ve outlined the types of projects you can assign to me above. I will always communicate with you directly if you ask for a deliverable outside of your package.

What if I need more support that I sign up for?

The minimum requirement for ongoing support is a 3 month contract for your package, but I know there are busy seasons in business. If I have availability you can book add-on hours at the discounted rate. At the end of your contract we will have a review call, and I may suggest you upgrade your package if you’re consistently booking add-on hours - this guarantees my time dedicated to your biz.

What if I don’t use all of the hours in my package one month?

No worries! The purpose of these packages is to give you peace of mind that you have support when you need it. You may roll over up to 1 hour of your retainer to the next month if you don’t use it. At the end of your contract we will have a review call, and I may suggest you downgrade your package if you’re not consistently using it to it’s full extent.

When can I expect to receive graphics after I request them?

I call myself a wizard for a reason! I’ve set these packages up so that I have time dedicated every week to your design needs. Turn around time is 3 days (maximum) for the mini and deluxe packages, and 5 days (maximum) for the premium package. Each project will have a unique timeline, and I’ll do my best to give you a reasonable estimate on when to expect your magical visuals.

Calandra is incredibly kind and even more helpful!!! She gives from her heart and helps from her soul. She has graciously helped me with elements of branding and design and she’s the FIRST person I’ll go to for these services! You won’t regret working with her!”
— Kelsea Anne

I get it love bug,

you are just dipping your toes into entrepreneurship (money is tight)

but you need help…like yesterday.


The DIY Queen: Supported experience is designed to help you get un-stuck with your brand, without the stomach turning price point of outsourcing the design in your business.

You don’t need to do this alone!

During this jam session we will:

  • Get clear on where your brand is now.

  • Identify where you want to go.

  • Connect via Zoom - bring your favorite beverage.

  • Discuss what is already working in your brand.

  • Nail down 3-4 immediate steps you can take to spice it up a bit, stay consistent and really help your audience see how awesome you are.

You’ll be on your way to confident creation,

with the 1:1 support you deserve.

Let’s keep this simple - start thinking about your visual brand. Do you have a set of brand guidelines? A mood board? A Canva account? Bring what you do have to your call and together we’ll sort out the rest! I’m here to support you…now let’s get this party started!

...Being connected with her made me start thinking about how I want people to feel working with me & when they see my marketing.
Through her work, I was able to get to the deeeeep meaning of my work (giving women biz owners space to access their deep feminine energy) & begin to dream of how I want that to be manifested. I’m so grateful I was introduced to her in this program because that lead my to the FB live challenge, which changed my life!”
— -Lisa Presley, Productivity Pixie

Have you been looking for a genuine sister circle with tangible business resources?


 Purpose Beyond Perfection is rewriting the norm of SOCIAL media groups for females rising UP. This sacred space is where you can find true connection, like-minded women, tips and training to amplify your business and so much more! 

We are moms, we are business women, we are wives, we are sisters…and above all else we are purpose driven souls ready to step into our brilliance. 

Come join the party and step into the movement with us! 

“...SOOOOO valuable and a great intro piece into branding! It was simple enough to follow but so much great, amazing info from a clear expert!”
— Jenn Greiner, Green Thinking